Our Work

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (RE Wall)

Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

Noble Geo-Structs has suitably designed, the Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE Walls) - the Reinforced Earth Walls (RE Walls) for the instances involving provision of ramps on steep slopes up to 1:300, flyovers etc. structures. NGS is also involved in designing the diaphragm walls. Rigorous analyses to measure the safety for these designs have resulted in successful performances of the structures designed so far.

Expansive Soils Stabilization - The Black Cotton Soil

Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka

The shrink-swell soils (more commonly known as expansive soils) pose hazardous problems for the structures. The differential settlements are commonly measured for such soils. Special tests are conducted at Noble Geo-Structs laboratory to ascertain the behavior of the soil. The performance of the method used at NGS is measured by the success of many structures built; the oldest being Malaprabha Canal in Karnataka marking more than 30 years!!!

Piezometer Construction, Ground Improvement

Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat

Noble Geo-Structs has been providing recommendation for several Ground Improvement/Modification projects. These include design for stone column, sand drain, prefabricated vertical drains, stabilization of soil, etc. The choice of the method depends upon the strata to be improved and the proposed structure. NGS work is appreciated for evolving cost-effective, innovative and safe solutions. The work involving construction of piezometers is also undertaken.