Funicular Bridge




Dr. Uday Kulkarni has efficiently designed the funicular bridge at three different locations in Maharashtra and Gujarat each. The alignment proposed for the construction of funicular bridge at these locations was studied diligently by Noble Geo-Structs. Mitigation measures are recommended for the pronounced effects due to scouring and slope instability.


Two cars are permanently attached to each other by a cable, which runs through a pulley at the top of the incline. Counterbalancing of the two cars, with one ascending and one descending the slope minimizes the new energy input needed to lift the ascending car. Winching is normally done by an electric drive which turns the pulley.


The inclination of the slope along which the cable car traverses is usually quite steep. Hence, special measures are taken by NGS to analyze the slopes at critical sections.


The funicular bridges adopted for these areas, serve two-fold purposes. The cost of construction is reduced greatly. Also the time required to traverse the entire Ghat section is reduced considerably.