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NGS usually approaches the problem from first principles. With our strength, scientific team to undertake diagnostic studies, we analyze the problem and suggest corrective measures and draw specifications. We also undertake the execution of these measures. For very sensitive structures, we evolve perfect monitoring scheme in total solutions for fields problems. Addressing project needs is the primary goal in NGS endeavor. Our approach enables you and your project to achieve overall results of the highest overall quality.

Dr. Uday Kulkarni

Dr. Kulkarni, the Founder of Noble Geo-Structs has a rich experience of thirty-five years in the geotechnical field. Dr. Kulkarni graduated from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Powai. He completed his M.Tech (Soils) in 1975 and Ph.D. (Geotech) in 1980. Dr. Kulkarni was awarded a GOLD MEDAL for his paper on shear strength of expansive soils.

He was appointed as a chief consultant in order to assess and suggest redressal measures for the deep cuts and tunnels on Pune-Mumbai Expressway. The redressal measures taken up met the challenges effectively. The Kolkata metro faced an impasse when a portion infront of the shield tunnel collapsed. It was indeed challenging to account for the weak zone infront of the shield. Dr. Kulkarni recommended comendable measures to meet the challenge.

Dr. Kulkarni's contributions to the Konkan Railway project was laudable, especially in the areas of deep drilling for more than 100 m at tunnel locations, geotechnical investigation for bridges, instrumentation for high embankment, soft soil improvement, testing of bridge spans and slope stability. Dr. Kulkarni has undergone a special training from Luis Menard, Paris, France for ground improvement techniques and pressuremeter testing in 1980.


Dr. Uday Kulkarni, Mrs. Rashmi Kulkarni and Mr. Vaman Kulkarni, the founders of NGS, are known for evolving creative solutions to meet the challenge. NGS firmly believes in approaching the problem from first principles. NGS believes in integrating the latest in geotechnology to suit the requirements and delivers the clients the unsurpassed for the project. Since the founding in 1996, more than 5000 projects have been completed across the country. NGS services are also appreciated in environment, transportation, water resources, marine projects, calibration of equipments in laboratory and third party proofing for Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) plants.


NGS has served several of clients over the years, such as; Government Sectors for hydraulic conduits projects, railways & infrastructure development for Express-ways; major corporations; public entities; development companies; retail developers; universities; structural consultants and architects, and we are pleased to count among them numerous long-term relationships of 10 to 20 years, and longer.

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