Our Work

Soil Investigation, Survey & Geophysical Test

Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat

Noble Geo-Structs has served many markets by conducting detailed Geotechnical investigation and Topographic Survey. The samples are collected at the field for measuring the engineering properties of the soil and rock. The chemical tests are conducted on the soil and water samples to indicate the affinity with cement and to detect hazardous impurities. The topographic is conducted for many prestigious clients including Mumbai Airport.

Pile Behavior Simulation


Piling on the field poses several chalenges be it driven piles or bored piles. The sandy strata makes the piling even more challenging.


Pavement Design


Pavement designs form one of the endeavors of Noble Geo-Structs. NGS also conducts laboratory and field tests like California Bearing Ratio (CBR). THe Benklemen Test is also conducted by NGS.